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Industrial software

Insert:Logic is an industrial software as a service (SaaS) company, delivering pre-configured end-to-end-process logic applications – for defined industries. Enable and accelerate the fundamental shift from human-centric to process-, data- and AI-centric organizations.



through end-to-end data driven processes

Discover, shape and accelerate

Redefining industries.

Truly redefining industries requires a fundamental shift in how we configure companies. From human centric – to process-, data- and AI-centric organisations. Enhancing efficiency, increasing cross-discipline cooperation – and energizing business models.

Scaling industry

“We were about to build our company the traditional way, where the answer always is more people, more systems, more investments. Would we be able to build the margins necessary for growing value? The only way is increased revenue combined with the lowest possible growth in the cost base. Easy to say, not so easy to do.

In close cooperation with Insert:Logic, we are now turning into a truly data driven manufacturing company. Using data for all it is worth. Automating tasks, flow and decision making all the way through our value chain. With AI assisting us in improving our way of working continuously. We are turning into a super-scalable (increasing revenues x 10 without increasing staff), fast learning and improving organism – delivering plug & play (Plug&Farm®) sludge handling solutions all over the world. Who would have thought that a mere 4 months ago? We certainly didn’t.”

– Hans Runshaug, CEO
Blue Ocean Technology

increased revenue
100 days
with Insert:Logic