How do I make my business data-driven?

Have you reflected on how we have built companies over the past 100 years? How growth is always answered with more people and more systems – and how we eventually (for good reasons) organize everything in a series of organisational silos. Horizontal and lean become vertical and complex, and we spend huge resources on making everything fit together to deliver what we are actually here to deliver. Hopefully with something left on the bottom line.

However, a new world is opening up:

Imagine that you had all the data you wanted available and you could set up your business again. From scratch. What would it look like? The answer is probably: Fundamentally different.

With tasks and flow automated. People involved where this makes sense. Much of what used to be done sequentially, now done in parallel. Each case/delivery treated uniquely, with this logic delivering 10 times of the previous output. With the same team. Learning and improvement happening at a tremendous pace, supported by an AI process engine.

This may sound demanding (and perhaps a bit futuristic), but this is why Insert:Logic exists. We deliver pre-built end-to-end processes for different industries. Solutions that you can quickly adapt to your business, connect to your data sources and deploy. Data-driven.

We deliver the logic fueling the processes, through a logical layer that communicates with your existing systems (those that it makes sense to keep). A layer that YOU have complete control over. Not the ERP provider or other system vendors. Your data, your processes. Full control.

Have you ever drawn and explained what the processes in your company should have been like, but put it in the drawer when you realized that it was unrealistic in terms of time and cost?

It is precisely this logic we are looking for. And which we “energize” through our unique methodology and software.

In short: